Discovering Followership


Followership is a subject that is often overlooked because it is generally associated with weakness, servitude or loss of identity. However, true leadership and followership are intimately related. Every great leader must be a great follower and a strong following is proof of strong leadership. Leaders will never maximize their potentials without mature and proactive followers.

In Discovering Followership, I deconstruct the principle of followership with an aim to remove the stigma surrounding followership. Using biblical and contemporary examples, I shows that followership is truly a neglected path to getting ahead in life and point the way to getting on that path.
In this book, you will discover:
~That everyone is naturally following something or someone.
~That followership is a qualification for leadership
~That Jesus also practiced followership
~The benefits of followership
~How to permeate your life and organization with the principle of followership

And much more……


To get a copy online, please click  Here


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