About Me

Hello and welcome to my personal blog. My name is Omokhai Imoukhuede. I am a Husband, Father, Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Writer and Artist. I am passionate about seeing people use their potential for the benefit of their spheres of influence. By spheres of influence I mean that there is place God positions us in life to shine as lights.

Since I was young, I always knew that there was more to us than meets the eye. There are depths to humanity that can only be understood by those who dig deeper. Those who dig into the core of themselves to find out who they are. Friends, you are more than what you see, that is why philosophers have written for centuries about why we need to understanding our purpose and who we really are.

Having a platform like this blog, not only enables me to express myself but also gives me an opportunity to organize and articulate some things that I am very passionate about. I discovered the power and absolute excitement of writing some years ago and decided to take a plunge by starting this blog.

Basically, I write about four things that I am very  passionate about  and they are: Leadership, Followership, Worship and Entrepreneurship. Occasionally, I will deviate into other areas, however those will be the main focus of this blog. I typically post two to three times a week, so be on the look out for my latest posts.  My goal is to inspire, encourage and uplift visitors to this site with write-ups based on biblical principles. I hope you find the writings inspirational and relevant . You can subscribe via email and I welcome your opinion, comments and observations. Thanks for reading.

My Books
Discovering Followership: Learn the secrets of walking behind and still staying ahead.


One thought on “About Me

  1. joseasanoj May 21, 2013 / 12:35 pm

    Hi, very nice blog, really loved it.
    Peace and Love, Sanoj

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