Honing Your Craft

I recently watched an interview of a famous rapper who was asked to “spit some lines” (rap) on the fly. After her performance she was asked how she was able to rap so eloquently on short notice. Her answer was ” well I spend time honing my craft.” It wasn’t the first time I had heard those words, in fact many world-famous athlete use it all the time to mean that they spend time  cultivating, grooming, perfecting, sharpening, improving, practicing and developing their talents, gifts and their call. How profound!

2 peter 1:10 says ” Therefore, my brothers and sisters, make every effort to confirm your calling and election. For if you do these things, you will never stumble.”

A close look at Biblical and secular examples prove the above Scripture correct. To avoid embarrassment and stumbling, time and effort is needed to develop and confirm your craft. A great way to “confirm” your call is to hone it.

In case you have not put “two and two” together, your craft is the intersection of your passions, pains, gifting’s and life work. Your craft is that “thing” that God has given you to use to bless others.

Honing your craft requires discipline, focus, self patience and most of all dependence on God.  It also means creating an environment that is conducive for the development of your gifts, so that you can be the best God called you to be. Practically, it means reading books in your area of specialty , watching videos for self-improvement in that area, surrounding yourself with values and people who push you to make progress. Finally, it also requires practice.

The interesting thing is that we all have a craft to hone, if you have not discovered it, its time to do so and if you have, its time to hone it. So let’s get busy today.

Life Question:
What is your craft and how are you honing it today?






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