Digging Deeper

The NBA finals just concluded with various fans chiming on whether or not Cleveland deserved to win it all. Others speak of a conspiracy to rig the games, while others bask in the joy of a championship finally getting to Cleveland. These reactions are real and tell a much greater story in my  opinion of not just whether or not certain individuals deserve to win but actually what it takes to get to the pinnacle of success and finally win.

Sometimes, it takes a gut check, a search deeper into the crevices of our souls to see what we are actually made up of. Winning requires focus, thought and composure. It requires a strong assurance within that you are able to make it in Life. Grit and toughness within is essential, however these characteristics must be anchor on God who remains the unstoppable force that propels us to succeed.

1 John 5:4 says “for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.” First of all our lineage as believers gives us the edge, we have a Greater one on the inside that is able to give us the victory. All that is required now is for us to bite down, dig deeper, lock in our faith and start taking steps.

That’s what I am doing now by finally writing this blog after several months of absence, that what will keep me trusting in God’s ability even I when I feel like giving up, that is what will keep me keeping on even when others say its impossible. I pray the same for you today. You have overcome, act like it. God bless your day.


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