Nothing Wrong In Being A Guru

One of the most important things an entrepreneur should constantly embrace  is acquiring knowledge.  It is actually the difference between a successful entrepreneur and  an unsuccessful one.  If you are going to advance your business or organization to the next level, an excise in constantly informing yourself in your area of specialty is necessary.

When I use the word “knowledge,” I mean getting helpful insights and tips on the products/services you are offerings as well as insights on how to improve your process in connecting this with your client base.

You know, there is nothing as frustrating as for a client to engage with an uninformed entrepreneur. You will lose business often and quickly if your clients senses that you really don’t have any idea on what you are actually offering.

The bible says “My people perish for lack of knowledge[Hosea 4:6] ” and your business or organization will not advance if you as the leader or entrepreneur don’t have adequate knowledge in that field.

I believe that every entrepreneur should aspire to be an expert or  guru in their field. It doesn’t mean you have to know everything, what I mean is that, you need to know enough about what you are offering and communicate it clearly to your clients.

It also means that you know extensively what your target market loves. This is so important because if you are ignorant about these fundamentals, your clients will not be convinced that you can solve their problems.

As an entrepreneur myself, I have made many mistakes in this area and one thing I have noticed is that clients who are aware of your expertise in an area seldom argue with your suggestions to them.

This is so because any one that has risen from the level of just regurgitating the specifications of the clients to actually adding value to their request always gets the ears of their clients.

The first level of just “re-producing” what the clients wants is ok and common when you are just starting. In fact some clients just want you to give them what they want. However, we you are a “Guru or Expert” in that field, your clients will pay you extra to get your opinion on the their request.  They come to you  as a consultant to get your recommendations. This usually occurs when clients can see the positive results of your work  and  can sense your knowledge in that field.

Knowledge always yields results, ignorance never yields results. Proverbs 15:4 says ” The discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly” That says it all.

So if we want to take our business or organization to the next level, let’s get knowledge in that area. Regardless of your field, get information on it, join organizations that speak to what you are doing, find mentors, read books and seek  out things that can help feed you with knowledge.

So there is nothing wrong with being a “Guru” as long as you are willing to being a life-long student. So “Take it to the top.” Happy Sunday.

Decision for today: I will seek out knowledge in my field of business. I commit to discovering tips for success.

Question for today: In what area do I need to increase in knowledge, what mentor or material can I connect with to take me to the next level.

Be on the look out for my new E-Book ” The Anatomy Of A Successful Business.”

God bless,


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