First Things First

I am currently reading a book titled “The Art of Followership” by Ronald E.Riggio, IRA Chaleff and Jean Lipman-Blumen. It is a compilation of various books, writings and principles about Followership. In it, James Maroosis a contributing writer made this statement and I quote,

“…The point is that what is most needed in any human situation is a humane response, what Peter Drucker calls ” doing first things first.” And first things in the context of leadership, are always the moral things- that is, the right things to do.”

Although in context, this statement refers to leadership/followership, I think there are some nuggets of truth in it that we can learn from.

First of all, the statement  suggests that there is a right way to approach every situation in life.

Secondly, doing the right thing should always be the first thing on our minds because it will determine the final outcome or effect of the situation.

In the bible, there is a story  about two brothers named Cain and Abel. Cain offered a very bland sacrifice to God, there was no thought towards it, he just presented whatever he could find. His attitude was not one of honor but of routine, Cain did not do what was right. On the other hand, Abel his brother, offered himself first to God, put some real thought into his sacrifice and offered his best to God.

The result was that God rejected the offering of Cain but accepted the offerings of Abel. After the offerings were made, God made this statement to Cain.

He said,  “If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.” Gen 4:7

What a statement! In essence, our acceptance as a leaders or followers is largely dependent on our decision and subsequent action to do what is right at all times in any given circumstance. Without getting too deep, we all know the right things to do, we just need to ensure that it is a priority in our value system.

The first thing to do should be the right thing to do. The reason why we relegate doing the right thing first is because most times, the right things are not always the most convenient things to do. Sometimes, doing what is right can be humiliating. It can be tough on us in the present but it will definitely yield great results in the future.

One thing that can help us make  doing the right things a priority in our lives,  is to constantly evaluate the final outcome of our actions.  We should always ask whether what we are doing or about to do will affect us positively or negatively.

So what are you about to engage in this week? What decisions or tasks do you have to undertake. Well, first things first, do the right thing by choosing to do what pleases God. God bless.

Decision for today: Lord, I choose to do what is right today no matter the cost.

Question for Today: How do I keep myself focused on the right things?


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