Who Has Your Ears

“Toward anything like thorough scholarship I make no claim. I am not an authority on any man’s teaching; I have never tried to be. I take my help where I find it and set my heart to graze where the pastures are greenest. Only one stipulation do I make: my teacher must know God, as Carlyle said, “otherwise than by hearsay,” and Christ must be all in all to him.”  A.W Tozer.

When I read this quote, I immediately identified with the message the writer was trying to convey. In my book Discovering Followership (Learn the Secrets of Walking Behind and still Staying Ahead), I mentioned that whoever you follow determines your end destination or final outcome.

This principle suggests that every one of us is following what social scientists call the “Invisible Leader.” You know, that thought, dream, person or idea that influences the basis of every decision we make whether we realize or not.

Regardless of this, whoever you are following or listening to, must be vetted before you act on what they are saying. Heb 13:7 says  Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.” 

Before you execute the advice of those “invisible leaders” in your life, take some time to check/consider the outcome or results of the lifestyle, plan or idea you are observing or about to make. We are to imitate those whose lives, ideas or plans have its roots in God and no one else.

1 Kings 12 tells a sad story in the bible about how the Kingdom of Israel got divided. Solomon the wisest King that ever lived had just died and his son Rehoboam was now in power. At the initial stage of his reign, there was a lot of goodwill towards him by his subjects.

However, things quickly turned sour when failed to listen to the older advisers who urged him to  lessen the load inflicted on his subjects by his father Solomon. Instead, Rehoboam listened and followed the advice of his younger colleagues who lacked experience, respect for others and most of all a clear relationship with God.

The result of his decision to “follow” their advice, led to the civil war which divided the kingdom of Israel. What a shame as this only confirms that whoever has your ears, has your life and whoever has your life, can decide how or where it will end.

No matter, how enticing an idea, person, dream, speech or concept is, we must first consider its outcome and final effect so that like the writer A.W Tozer, we can follow those who follow the “Invincible” leader who is God. So who are you listening to? who has your ears? have they been vetted by the Word?

Consider your influences today and verify whether they come from God or not.


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