A Father Heart

I remember holding my little 6 pound daughter in my arms for the first time. It was 9:49am on a warm Saturday morning and I had just experienced her birth. I was now a dad. After many years of secretly wishing for parenthood, I was now privileged to hold my offspring in my arms.

What a treat!!! I can say that something happened to me that I really can’t explain, I felt an immediate connection to her that was beyond words.  I was holding a life in my hands; her life, sustenance and shelter was now dependent on us. I held her close to my heart to feel her heart beat and I almost lost it.

Almost a year and a half later, I was holding two more daughters in my arms (twins) in the same hospital and I was so joyful again for the  opportunity to play a role in raising them up.

I also realized that there is a heart connection between a Father and his children. I felt it as I held my own children in my arms for the first time and as they grew up that connection became even stronger. I am shocked sometimes when my children call me”daddy,” I look around to see if it is me they are talking to. What I now realize is that I am simply responding like our heavenly Father, who delights greatly in our existence.

Psalm 103:13 says”As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him;”

A fathers compassion for his children is hard to explain, it is deeper than mere feelings and it will propel a man to work hard and forgive his children even when they mess up. Looking back at my life, I am grateful to God for allowing me to feel the effects of this connection through Him and from my biological father.

The reality is that so many children have not received this type of connection from their fathers. Their memories and experiences of their dads are unpleasant and repugnant. However, God created Fathers to connect on a unique level with their children. Let me urge those who have not experienced this type of heart-felt connection with their biological dads,

psalm 68:4-5  says

“Sing to God, sing in praise of his name, extol him who rides on the clouds rejoice before him—his name is the Lord. A father to the fatherless,……”

God is a Father to the fatherless and His commitment towards you is unshakable. He is here for you and He is looking down on you with loving eye, receive His love today.

Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers.


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