Your Time Will Come

Growing up in Africa, I remember taking the bus to nursery (kindergarten) school. Parents and guardians would walk their kids to the bus station every morning. For several months, “everyone” i.e nursery (kindergarten) and primary (grade) school students rode in the same bus. The bus was an old Toyota Coaster (80’s generation) and it had a distinctive sound when it pulled up to the bus stop. It was usually packed but we enjoyed the ride regardless. We had the same driver for those months, he was a nice man with tribal marks on his face, we called him “uncle.”

However one day after waiting for several minutes, we realized that our bus was running uncharacteristically late. Usually, we would hear the sound of the bus as it approached us,  but on this day, we did not hear anything.

Suddenly, we saw a white Toyota Coaster approaching us, it did not have the “noisy distinctive” sound as our previous bus did. IT WAS A NEW BUS!!!!

Excitement filled the air as we screamed and rushed into the bus before it stopped completely (This would not be acceptable these days). I was able to get into the bus and secure my seat. To my surprise, I  noticed that “uncle” wasn’t driving, the new bus came with a new driver as well. He took one look at me and with a stern face said, ” This is not your bus, you have to come down at once.”

“What?” not my bus? it turns out that due to the overcrowding, they had to separate students in primary (grade) school from those of us in nursery (kindergarten) school. You see, where I grew up, we wore uniforms to schools and the driver was able to know my academic level because of the color of my uniform.

I have to confess that this decision devastated my peers and I.  I cried seriously but eventually had to leave the bus. It was so painful to me because this was my last year in kindergarten (nursery school), it just wasn’t my time. Not quite long after, our old bus pulled up and drove us to school.  A year later after I graduated from Kindergarten, I got my chance to ride a newer bus.

The message I am trying to pass across, is that “Time, has time for everyone.” Your time will come , in fact your time has come.  God makes everything beautiful in His time. Sometimes our impatience with were we are, prevents us from enjoying God’s process for promotion.

I like what King David said in Psalm 27:13-14

[What, what would have become of me] had I not believed that I would see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living! Wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring. Yes, wait for and hope for and expect the Lord. [AMP].

David was overlooked and passed over as a boy by his family and he knew what it felt like. He knew the sting of disappointment but he also knew the faithfulness of God and simply refused to doubt God’s ability to come through for him.

Friends, regardless of the disappointments, the pain of being overlooked or the anguish of delay, resolve like David did to trust and wait on God. God never overlooks His children, we are the ones that overlooks His timing. Your Time will come.

God bless.


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