What lie are you believing about yourself?

I took some time off blogging to regroup, think and pray about what my focus as a blogger should be. A one month hiatus ended up becoming three months. For some reason, I just could not get myself motivated to post my writings. As days turned into weeks and then later into months, I began to get a bit concerned. It was not like I was experiencing the very common “writers block” because I had a few ideas on the topics to write about. The issue was that i just could not get through some internal struggles I was dealing with at the time.

My first diagnosis of my situation  was that I had no time for blogging and simply could not commit to following through with the intricacies of writing. Another conclusion I came up with, was that I was suffering from a chronic case of “bloggers fatigue,” if there is anything like that [I am sure we can relate].

However, upon close examination, I discovered that one of the root causes of my lack of motivation was that I had allowed some insecurities and some negative recurring thoughts [We all have them] about my short-comings on writing to permeate my mind.

I am very sure that we all have experienced moments of discouragement or stagnation.  If we can calm down for a second, we will realise that the cause of this feelings comes from an internal lie about your abilities that you have bought into, accepted and are now living out.

Someone said that the mind is like a photographic plate were “negatives” are developed. On the flip side, it can also be a photographic plate were “positives” are developed as well. The reality is that our minds can reproduce in multiple folds whatever we allow to become our most dominant thoughts.

So what lie have you believed about yourself today, is it the lie that you are a failure, slow or unintelligent? is it the lie that you can’t take your career, business, ministry or finances to the next level? Is it the lie that you can never amount to anything in life?

Regardless of what that lie is, look unto God and counteract those lies with the truth of God’s word. When you hear your mind saying you are worthless, retort by saying ” I may feel worthless but I definitely am of value to God, who gave His precious Son for me.” When you hear in your mind that you are going down and that you will never get back up again whether it is financially, physically or spiritually, say the reverse to yourself.

King Solomon, one of the wisest men that ever lived said “As a man thinks in his heart so is he… Proverbs 23:7.” You are what you think. That is why we need to flood our minds with the truth of God’s word, so that it dominates our minds.

God’s word is His truth about us. It is what God believes about you and  honestly, that is what counts the most. It is not really about what others think even though we should set good examples for others to follow. Ultimately, our motivation should be based on what God thinks about us. God is in the truth business, take sides with Him. Believe what God believes about you and watch how He would elevate you,  I know it worked for me. So write that blog, song or book, start that business, do the seminar, urge that co-worker, sing that song, exercise, just do it. You have what it takes and don’t believe the lies. Be happy to hear from you on this.


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