A foundational truth of followership is that whatever you follow will determine your destination. This means whatever, or whoever, you follow spiritually, mentally and physically will determine where you end up in these three areas. Evil communication corrupts good manners. Our state of mind is determined by what we expose our mental faculties to.

Whatever you follow actively with your mind, will influence your decisions and ultimately determine who you become. There are many stories of people who committed suicide or other violent acts because they focused their minds on books, music, internet resources etc that promoted these acts. Also, when people “follow” pornographic material, it warps their view of sex, increasing their tolerance and acceptance of ungodly sexual expression.

These people usually end up engaging in pornographic acts. Scripture tells us:

 Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm. [3]

 This means, just as there are consequences for filling your mind with negative material, there are consequences for surrounding yourself with the wrong people.  The crowd you surround yourself with will often determine where you end up in life. 

Now thats true talk…

~~~ Except from the book “Discovering Followership.”


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