My Thoughts About Worship

I read about some startling stats about “Monday mornings” by Dan Miller, author of the book “48 Days to the work you love.” The book states the following:

“The Los Angeles Times reports that there is 33% increase of heart attacks on Monday mornings in America.  According to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more people die at 9 o’ clock Monday mornings than at any other time or any day of the week. “

The stat that got me was the one that said that there are more male suicides on Sunday nights, with men realizing that their careers, lives, finances are not where it is supposed to be.

The irony of this is that I was born on a Monday morning at 9 0 clock to be precise but I digress. Why such alarming statistic on Monday mornings? It occurred to me that the issue is not really the day of the week but the individual’s responses to the pressures of the day during the week. Permit me to recommend some things we can do to make our Mondays not only worth living for but also an extension of the weekend.

I believe that everything ends and begins with God, you might disagree with me but if you are sincerely with yourself you will readily admit that true joy and satisfaction begins with God. Who you start you work week with, can determine how your work week will end.  Also how you begin your week matters a lot. When you begin your week with God in some quality time of worship, it sets the course for the week.  Worship calms your mind as you connect with God. When you worship God, you get nourished and refreshed with wisdom to tackle the rigors of the week.  Never end your worship pattern on Sunday, continue with the same intensity to your Monday as well. We all are guilty of the “switch,” we switch from weekend/Sunday mode to Monday “I have got so much work to do I can’t really pray” mode. This should not be the case, take time now to worship God. Another tip for Monday is to cast your worries, cares and anxieties to God. It is very easy to worry about the week but don’t forget that God is smarter than you, He can solve the problem, just give it to Him. Finally, pray and believe God for His grace and favor for the week, spend some time also praying for your bosses, yes pray for that inconsiderate and sarcastic boss and you will see things change during the week.  Remember that you are too blessed to be stressed and greater is He in you than he that is in the world. God bless you and Happy Monday.


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