My Thoughts About Worship

The word “Submit “means “to give over or yield to the power or authority of another.” It also means to “to defer to another’s judgment, opinions or decisions.”I did a little study of the origin of the word “submit. “ According to, the word originated in the late 14th century from the latin word “Submittere.” “Submittere” is a concatenation of two latin words. Sub which means “under” and “mittere” which means “let go, send.” When we combine these latin words it means “to let down, let under, yield, lower or reduce.”

Although it is said that the first record of the word was in 1560, the idea of this word and the principles it conveys pre-dates the 15th century. In several places in scripture, Hebrew words written thousands of years ago where translated into this word. In the book of Job the oldest book in the bible, Eliphaz a friend of job says in chapter 22 and verse 21, the following.

“Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you.” He is saying yield, lower or defer to God and prosperity will come to you.

To submit to God, you have to willing give up your agenda, your opinions even desires for the desires of God. This is also very applicable in worship, when we submit to God in worship and be at peace with Him, we unlock the blessing of God in our lives which produces prosperity.

King Solomon one of the wisest men that ever lived writes in Proverbs 3:6, he says “in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Solomon admonishes us to submit to God in every aspect of our lives, not just in one area. Sometimes, we submit ourselves but not our finances; we submit our finances but not our relationships. God wants us to submit everything to Him, nothing should be left out.

In today’s society, we are taught to be self –dependent, the idea of submitting our ways to God seems like a pre-historic and outdated concept. Our society has come up with reasons why we should not submit to God at all. We have foolishly convinced ourselves that we don’t need God and that as we say in America “am good,” meaning we don’t need any help. We affirm the fact that we can do all things ourselves by chantting slogans that feed our egos not our spirits. What we forget is that “we can do all things Through Christ who strengthens us. “ YES WE CAN BECAUSE HE CAME,” “YES WE CAN BECAUSE HE IS,” It is only when we submit our ways, strength, gifts, ideologies, fears, worries, expectations to Him, that the power within us is unleashed. The result of this total commitment to submit is what releases God’s wisdom which is another product of the blessing of God. God resists the proud; don’t let pride stop you from yielding to God today. Don’t let guilt, insecurities and fear prevent you from taking advantage of this blessing of God. God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly; above all we can ask or think. He is smarter than us and most especially God loves us. Let His presence increase in our lives as we submit to Him today. Remember that there is no blessing without worship and there is no true worship unless we submit all to God. God bless.


My Thoughts About Worship

I read about some startling stats about “Monday mornings” by Dan Miller, author of the book “48 Days to the work you love.” The book states the following:

“The Los Angeles Times reports that there is 33% increase of heart attacks on Monday mornings in America.  According to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more people die at 9 o’ clock Monday mornings than at any other time or any day of the week. “

The stat that got me was the one that said that there are more male suicides on Sunday nights, with men realizing that their careers, lives, finances are not where it is supposed to be.

The irony of this is that I was born on a Monday morning at 9 0 clock to be precise but I digress. Why such alarming statistic on Monday mornings? It occurred to me that the issue is not really the day of the week but the individual’s responses to the pressures of the day during the week. Permit me to recommend some things we can do to make our Mondays not only worth living for but also an extension of the weekend.

I believe that everything ends and begins with God, you might disagree with me but if you are sincerely with yourself you will readily admit that true joy and satisfaction begins with God. Who you start you work week with, can determine how your work week will end.  Also how you begin your week matters a lot. When you begin your week with God in some quality time of worship, it sets the course for the week.  Worship calms your mind as you connect with God. When you worship God, you get nourished and refreshed with wisdom to tackle the rigors of the week.  Never end your worship pattern on Sunday, continue with the same intensity to your Monday as well. We all are guilty of the “switch,” we switch from weekend/Sunday mode to Monday “I have got so much work to do I can’t really pray” mode. This should not be the case, take time now to worship God. Another tip for Monday is to cast your worries, cares and anxieties to God. It is very easy to worry about the week but don’t forget that God is smarter than you, He can solve the problem, just give it to Him. Finally, pray and believe God for His grace and favor for the week, spend some time also praying for your bosses, yes pray for that inconsiderate and sarcastic boss and you will see things change during the week.  Remember that you are too blessed to be stressed and greater is He in you than he that is in the world. God bless you and Happy Monday.

My Thoughts About Worship

I recently changed my driving route to and from work. This simple decision shaved 30mins off my commute every day.  One day as I was driving using my new route, I came to an intersection where I could see very clearly some serious traffic on the other side of the road. The traffic was so severe that the cars seemed to be at a standstill.  As I drove through the intersection overlooking the express way, I suddenly realized that the road with traffic was my old route to work.  There was a sense of comfort in the fact that I wasn’t stuck in traffic but there was also a sense of regret for the precious time I had wasted prior to my change. Don’t get me wrong, I made the most of my time in the car during that period but can you imagine what other productive things I could have been doing had I not been stuck in traffic? It occurred to me that I never really realized how bad the traffic was until I saw it from the other side. If I had known it was that bad, maybe I would have changed my route earlier.

Sometimes, we act like the dog in the story I read about by Bob Whitley that kept moaning and groaning as it lay down in the front porch. A neighbor observed that the dog was moaning softly and asked why the dog was in pain. The dog’s owner said “Oh he is sleeping on a nail.” “So why doesn’t he just change positions or get up?” said the neighbor. “I guess it doesn’t hurt that much, “the owner replied. Sometimes the mundane and routines of life can make us insensitive to the actual pains of our ignorance.  We drive through the same route to work or life, experience the same holdups and traffic but do nothing to change course.  Change can be very challenging to many of us but the only thing that is constant is change, so making adjustments in life is essential for progress. Many of us have our ideas about worship and are stuck in a particular style or approach because we have refused to change the way we approach God in worship. Even though God never changes, His operations are diverse. If we don’t yield our ways to the flow of God’s spirit in worship then we will never make progress. You see, worship is the agent of change and our lives are supposed to experience progressive, incremental change as we expose ourselves to God daily in worship (2 Cor 3:18). True worship brings change and change in the right direction helps us save time.  So change your attitude today towards worship, stop being comfortable in the “traffic” of life, get off the slow lane, seek Him with a changed attitude and you will avoid the “traffic “of life.