My Thoughts About Worship

The word intimacy means a state of being close, familiar and usually affectionate or loving towards another person or group (According to  Being intimate with someone means that we have access to information and insights about the people we are intimate with.  We can share deep secrets and communicate hidden thoughts that we ordinarily would not communicate with people who are not intimate with us. Intimacy involves transparency, nothing is hidden and all guards are down. When we are in an intimate relationship, our scars, nakedness and weakness are revealed. There is a very high level of trust and communication flows freely.  I have even heard someone say that the word “Intimacy” can be said like this “Into Me See,” meaning that you are allowing yourself to be read like an open book by those you are intimate with. This is a little deep but I was meditating today on what it means to be intimate with someone especially God.

I discovered that God is looking for us to be intimate with Him in worship. In fact intimacy is the highest level a relationship can get to. Ask the spouse that feels like their marriage is just a routine, they will tell you that their craving from their spouses is for more intimate moments. I remember such a moment with my wife, we had been married for 3 years at the time and we just sat talking. As we talked, my wife began to tell me things about herself that I didn’t know. They were not bad things but just regular things, some of them even funny that I had no idea about. It was such an intimate moment because she let me into her thoughts.

God craves such moments with us as well, moments were we can be ourselves with Him and tell him how much he means to us. Moments were we crave for Him and desire His presence. Moments also were He shares with us things that most don’t know about Him.

There is a scripture in psalm 103:7 which says “He made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the children of Israel.” What a powerful statement, God reserved the revelation of His ways to Moses, a man that had an intimate relationship with Him but only demonstrated His acts to the others. There is a huge difference. To Moses, God got close and showed Moses how and why He did what He did, to the others they only saw Gods work without insight as to how He did what He did.

A lot of us know about God but until we are intimate with Him we will never know Him and His ways. Worship gets us closer to God and only those that are intimate with God get the privilege of not only learning from him but hearing from Him. God bless.


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