Discovering Followership ~ Everyone is Following


This is a foundational truth about followership that can’t be ignored no matter your views on followership. If you examine your life critically, you will find out that in certain areas, you have accepted the authority of someone or given your allegiance to a particular thing at one point in time or another.  This shows that we all follow. For example, some people follow a particular type of music; others follow a spiritual leader, others are ardent followers of sports, while others simply follow their “instincts.”

In today’s tech savvy world, there is a trend of tweeting where people “follow” their favorite stars, mentors, pastors and even friends. Tweeting has become such a vital tool in sports and entertainment, it has enabled athletes and entertainers to connect, maintain and grow their fan base.

Followership is ingrained in our makeup.  I dare say that most people find it easier to follow than to lead because followership is part of nature. It begins at childhood as we follow the lead of our parents, guardians and immediate environment. Their leadership exposes us to specific experiences that shape the adults that we become.

When we look at wildlife the same is true. Once an animal is born, its natural instinct pushes it to follow the lead of its mother because she has milk. This ability to follow the lead of the group could determine an animal’s survival in the wild. The animals vulnerable to attack are the isolated ones who through inexperience, sickness or just plain stubbornness have removed themselves from the group.

Followership is so innately linked with our survival that most of us are constantly following, either subconsciously or consciously.  

Now thats true talk……

Except from my book ~ Discovering Followership- The Neglected Secret of Getting Ahead in Life.


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