My Thoughts About Worship

I am curious to find out what worship means to everyone out there. Sometimes we use words so loosely that we automatically assume that the words have the same meaning or value to us as the other person. A simple story illustrates my point, I really don’t know the originator of the story but I have heard it many times without really finding out the correct source of the story. So I will tell it without citing the original author of the story. The story goes something like this, a business man was involved in business in one of the Arabian countries and did such a wonderful job that his client a wealthy Prince asked him what he wanted for a gift. The business man being modest politely refused the offer from the prince for a gift. “Oh you must accept a gift, it is part of our culture to give gifts to our guest,” he said with his thick Arabian accent. After much persuasion, the business man caved in and said he would like a golf club for a gift (Do you know this story?). The business man left for his country and did not hear from the rich Prince for months. Finally, there was a knock at his door; it was an assistant to the Prince.  “To what do I owe this honor?” he asked. The assistant told him that he flew thousands of miles to present his golf club to him. “Well you didn’t have to fly all this way to give me some simple golf club, in any case, where is it?” he asked. Instead of getting an actual golf club, the assistant to the Prince handed him some keys. You see the Prince had built this business man an actual golf club. The business man was thinking golf club (something small and insignificant), the prince was thinking golf club house (big and significant). See the difference? So some words could mean different things to people depending on the context.

So back to my original thought, what is worship to you? What does the word conjure up in your mind? Are you thinking about something small, boring and insignificant? Is it routine and a ritual we perform on certain days? Or is it something big and significant. Regardless of your views, personal background or religious affiliations, worship is very important for a productive life.

David said in Psalm 86: 8-10

“Among the gods there is none like you, Lord; no deeds can compare with yours.  All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name. “

There is a universality to the significance worship has in our lives because the above scripture tells us that all nations will come and worship God.  Even though there are different interpretations of the worship styles or format, the central theme is that we continue to keep it at the forefront of our lives because it is the way we connect with our Creator. This fundamental believe about worship will help us see worship from a different perspective. God bless you.


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