My Thoughts About Worship

Great things happen when you are calm and still. I have found out that when I am calm, cool and collected, I am able to make productive decisions. There is a confidence that comes from a cool, calm and collected individual.  Trust me, it is not always easy to be this way in fact it is almost impossible for some people to go through a day without “blowing the gasket” so to speak. I remember a phone conversation I had with a client recently. I called him to inquire about an issue he was having with his computer.  After exchanging pleasantries which lasted less than two seconds, he just went ballistic on me. “ I have been having this issue for over two weeks and no one could even contact me,” I listened to his ranting patiently (while trying to suppress my anger as well)  and finally asked him to open up the application. I was calling to help him, I knew the solution to his problem but for some reason he wanted me to contact someone else within his vicinity that could walk him through the issue. None the less, he reluctantly opened the application and in less than five seconds, I pointed out to him why he was having the problem. He had some of the settings wrong on his machine, something he could have noticed and fixed if he had a cool head.

When he realized how silly his ranting was, he began to apologize to me. He felt so embarrassed that he kept me a little longer on the phone just let me know how sorry he was. Before we hung up, he thanked me for allowing him to let of some steam and i on the other hand thanked God for seeing me through the ordeal.

I have to confess that I too have fallen prey to situations and pressures that preempt me to act hastily or respond inappropriately. You see, life happens to everyone and we are bound to face a lot of chaotic situations that have the ability to throw us off balance. Various things some subtle while others not can put us under serious pressure to respond hastily. When we succumb to these influences, the results can be terrible. However, I have realized that stillness, calmness in the presence of God will help us address moments like this.

Psalm 46:10 says “He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”” Stillness in the presence of God is necessary for productive decisions to be made.   Sometimes we think that by being busy or noisy about situation means that we have it under control. No way, that is so far from the truth, infact that kind of response shows that we are not in control at all. I have realized that it is always a good practice to take some time during the day to be still, to be quiet before God to be re-energized and hear what He has to say. So when the urge comes to make us retaliate hastily or lash out, take a deep breath, be still and listen to what He has to say, now thats what real worship is all about.  God bless you.


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