My Thoughts About Worship

We live in a society that is not only fast paced but intellectually sound. The level of intelligence exhibited by this generation can be seen in the numerous inventions, gadgets and appliances that literally fill our homes.  Who would have thought only 50 years ago that the internet would be the phenomenon that it is today. What about the telephone an invention by Alexander Graham Bell, it has morphed into a multi-functional device that not only takes calls but also serves as a portal for data. If someone from the past were to visit earth today, they would conclude that the people of today are extremely sophisticated and knowledgeable. Only God knows what the future hold. However, in spite of our sophistication, knowledge, innovation and inventions, something is still lacking that has been an age old issue from generations to generations. Our society lacks an intimate knowledge of God even though more than ever before there is more information about God today.

Many people know about God, they get the information from the media, friends etc but not all really believe in Him and know Him intimately. According to a survey conducted by Penguin Books in 2009 barely two years ago, two-thirds of the thousand teenagers sampled don’t believe in God and think that reality TV is more important than religion.

This is not only alarming but it gives us a glimpse of the mind set of our future leaders.  Since there is no true knowledge of the true God, anything goes. Our society has awarded the glory due to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to “idol” inventions made with hands.Apostle Paul faced this predicament in the “fast pace” metropolis of Athens. It was a very sophisticated, modern and civilized city. The best philosophers, thinkers and religious leaders could be found there.   

 Luke the writer of the book of Acts pens the following observations of Apostle Paul in Acts 17:23 “For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: TO AN UNKNOWN GOD. So you are ignorant of the very thing you worship—and this is what I am going to proclaim to you.”

Athens like our society today had various objects of worship but lacked no knowledge of the one and only God. They worshipped the object but not the author, they worshipped the thing but not it’s Maker, and they worshipped their creations but not the Creator.  It is very possible to be ignorant in the mist of information, only the purposeful and those that commit to knowing the only true God end up experiencing Him. The validity of your worship to God is dependent on the relationship you have developed with God through knowledge. Also the strength of your proclamation about God will depend on how well you know who you are talking about. Friends, God wants to be known and worshipped appropriately, Give Him His due today don’t put the creation before the Creator. God bless you


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